HackerNews Cheaters: Catch me if you can

HackerNews is the most popular news site in the tech industry and one of the top choices for new product releases. A made-up word “HackerNews-effect” is often used to describe the traffic spikes brought by popular HN stories. The overcrowding of threads on HN has made its front page the holy grail for new product release, as most people would only refresh the front page to catch the hottest topics. The competition for getting into the limited spots on the front page has been nothing less than fierce. Just like any other man-made systems, cheating is inevitable as the cost of cheating is low and outcome is huge.

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News Recommendations and Trending Repos for Everyone

News recommendations and trending repos are two most popular feature requests we received from our early users, especially the ones with a short subscription list. We started working on these two features several weeks ago. During this period,, users could choose to manually switch on these two experimental features in the Preference panel to give it a try. Now after weeks of collecting feedback and making improvements, we think it’s ready.

Today, we are excited to announce the release of these two features and we have switched them on for everyone.

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Stay up-to-date with your favorite Github repositories with Porter.io

As developers, we use quite a lot open source code in our projects and often have to absorb massive amount of information everyday to keep updated with the ever changing open source world. Some of us even have HackerNews obsession and feel irresistible to refresh its front page every few minutes in order to be among the first ones to know the next cool thing.

We used to rely on RSS but it faded away from mainstream. There's always something new popping up everyday and RSS doesn't help much with a static reading list. The major technology sites and forums are flooded with all kinds of information. It’s a pain to filter them with our own eyes. In the financial world there’s the Bloomberg which collects, filters and analyzes information for the clients based on their interests. Why can’t there be one for the open source world? In an open source way?

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