A linux / android / MacOS hooking framework

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ChickenHook is a multi architecture hooking framework.

Supported architectures: x86, arm64, x86_64 (experimental) Supported platforms: Android, Linux

Example usage


Hack some applications using ChickenHook + StaticInjector (Linux Wrapper)

See more at: StaticInjector

Here are some examples hacks using StaticInjector


Check this video (Please enable subtitles):


Check this video (Please enable subtitles):

Read more in our wiki: How to create a linux attack (skype example)


Hook AndroidRuntime (ART)

See more at: ChickenTime


  • ant

Linux and MacOS

  • cmake
  • make


  • Android SDK
  • Android NDK
  • Android Studio (Optional)


  1. Create the hook function (the function that should be called instead of the original function)

example here shows a hook function for libc's open

ssize_t my_read(int __fd, void *__buf, size_t __count) {
    __android_log_print(ANDROID_LOG_DEBUG, "my_read", "read called [-] %d", __fd);

    // <== add your code before real call here

    // yeah we're inside! But sometimes you want to call the original function also.
    // For this purpose we try to retrieve the corresponding trampoline.
    // So let's retrieve our trampoline in order to call the original function "read"
    int res = -1;
    ChickenHook::Trampoline trampoline;
    if (ChickenHook::Hooking::getInstance().getTrampolineByAddr((void *) &read, trampoline)) {
        __android_log_print(ANDROID_LOG_DEBUG, "my_read",
                            "hooked function call original function");
        printLines(hexdump(static_cast<const uint8_t *>(__buf), __count, "read"));

        // retrieve the real read call address
        ssize_t (*_read)(int, void *, size_t) =(ssize_t (*)(int, void *,
                                                            size_t)) trampoline.getRealCallAddr();
        // if read != nullptr we have a valid address and call it
        // if read ==nullptr we have to copy the original code of read.
        if (_read == nullptr) {
            // !! WARNING !! This is a very risky workaround.
            // * Race condition can lead to crashes
            // * Multithreading and semaphores in target function or it's callee's can lead to deadlocks
            res = read(__fd, __buf, __count);
        } else {
            // Very save method. Available for most of all functions
            res = _read(__fd, __buf, __count);
    } else {
        __android_log_print(ANDROID_LOG_DEBUG, "my_read",
                            "hooked function cannot call original function");

    // <== manipulate results here

    return res;
  1. Inject the trampoline (enable the hook)
    ChickenHook::Hooking::getInstance().hook((void *) &read, (void *) &my_read);


Currently ChickenHook can be build for Linux and Android and MacOs.


ant configure-linux compile-linux test-linux

artifacts will be in build/libs/


Use as an Android Studio project or:

ant configure-android compile-android test-android


ant configure-mac compile-mac test-mac install-mac

artifacts will be in ./artifactsOut

Include in your Project

  1. Fetch artifacts via ANT
    <target name="artifacts">
        <mkdir dir="artifacts"/>
        <get src=";api-version=5.1&amp;%24format=zip" dest="artifacts/"/>
        <unzip src="artifacts/" dest="artifacts/"/>

        <get src=";api-version=5.1&amp;%24format=zip" dest="artifacts/"/>
        <unzip src="artifacts/" dest="artifacts/"/>
  1. Include into your CMake project Includes
target_include_directories(${PROJECT_NAME} PUBLIC

Static libraries

        # add chickenhook here

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