Tool to evaluate upgrade confidence for Kubernetes cluster addons
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Determine the upgrade confidence of your cluster addons.

GoNoGo is a utility to help users determine upgrade confidence around Kubernetes cluster addons.

Alpha Software

At this time, GoNoGo is currently in alpha. This means that we could change literally anything at any time without notice. Keep an eye out for major changes, and hopefully a v1 release at some point.


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A number factors can affect whether the upgrade of an addon (like cert-manager, nginx ingress, etc) will be successful or not. For example, some addon upgrades require a specific api to be available in the cluster, or a specific version of the Kubernetes cluster in general. Or perhaps an addon has deprecated a particular annotation and you want to make sure your upgraded addon doesn't include those deprecated annotations. Rather than having to manually assess each addon, GoNoGo enables you to create a specification (called a bundle spec) that you can populate with checks for the upgraded version, and run those against your cluster to get an upgrade confidence score.

For example, cert-manager changed a number of annotations in the upgrade from 0.10 to 0.11. With GoNoGo you can add an OPA check to your bundle spec looking for instances of that annotation in the affected cluster resources and be warned about it before you do the upgrade.


gonogo --help
The Kubernetes Add-On Upgrade Validation Bundle is a spec that can be used to define and then discover if an add-on upgrade is safe to perform.

  gonogo [flags]
  gonogo [command]

Available Commands:
  check       Check for Helm releases that can be updated
  completion  Generate the autocompletion script for the specified shell
  help        Help about any command
  version     Prints the current version of the tool.


  -h, --help      help for gonogo
  -v, --v Level   number for the log level verbosity

Use "gonogo [command] --help" for more information about a command.

Pass in a bundle spec with the addon definitions that you want to check

gonogo check /path/to/bundle/bundle.yaml

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