The <model-viewer> project

This is the main Github repository for the <model-viewer> web component and all of its related projects.

The repository is organized into sub-directories containing the various projects. Check out the files for specific projects to get more details:

👩�🚀 <model-viewer> • The <model-viewer> web component (probably what you are looking for)

� • The source for the <model-viewer> documentation website

🖼 render-fidelity-tools • Tools for testing how well <model-viewer> renders models

� shared-assets • 3D models, environment maps and other assets shared across many sub-projects

Installing <model-viewer>

The <model-viewer> web component can be installed from NPM:

npm install @google/model-viewer

It can also be used from various free CDNs such as

<script type="module" src=""></script>
<script nomodule src=""></script>

For more detailed usage documentation and live examples, please visit our docs at!


When developing across all the projects in this repository, first install git, Node.js and npm.

Then, perform the following steps to get set up for development:

git clone [email protected]:GoogleWebComponents/model-viewer.git
cd model-viewer
npm install
npm run bootstrap

The following global commands are available:

Command | Description ------------------------------ | ----------- npm run bootstrap | Bootstraps the project for development and cross-links sub-projects npm run build | Runs the build step for all sub-projects npm run build:legacy-support | Builds JS bundles that have IE11 support npm run serve | Runs a web server and opens a new browser tab pointed to the local copy of (don't forget to build!) npm run test | Runs tests in all sub-projects that have them npm run clean | Removes built artifacts from all sub-projects

You should now be ready to work on any of the <model-viewer> projects!

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