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Create an affiliate program for your SaaS in minutes, from $0/month.

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NOTE: Reflio is under active development and is currently in public beta.

Reflio puts digital privacy first and is proudly open-source. All referrals are processed through European-owned infrastructure, and our company is registered in the UK.

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Features / USPs

  • Start an affiliate program in minutes
  • Track referrals for Stripe subscriptions or one-time payments
  • Automatic payment/refund sync from Stripe
  • Cross sub-domain tracking
  • Automated GDPR & Privacy compliance for users located in the EU
  • Fast embed script (<13kb)
  • Free plan available. Pricing from $0/month (with a 9% commission fee)
  • One central dashboard for your affiliates
  • Get your own customizable affiliate signup page

Contributing / Developer Guide

All contributions are greatly appreciated. Please see our Contributing Guide.


This repository is licensed under AGPLv3. To comply with AGPLv3, if you plan to distribute our codebase, please keep the source code public, in a public repository. If you are cloning the code into a private repository (non-public access), and the code is also being used for commercial purposes, please acquire a commercial license here.

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