A blog of beautiful hardware and electronic projects from the internet


A blog of beautiful hardware, electronic and other engineering projects from the internet.

Unless otherwise stated, all content on this site is CC0.

Feel like contributing? Make a pull request and add to the top of the index.md file.

Some post guidelines:

  • Add a short catchy title
  • Add the date underneath (date of submission, not of project creation) as a tiny header (six '#')
  • The first link should be to the project
  • If possible add a picture, animated GIF or an embedded video, making sure to link to the project in question, if possible
  • Add more information underneath the picture about the project
  • Names should be put in brackets ([])
  • Address people as they want to be addressed, both for their names as they appear online and other identifying information (proper gender pronouns, etc.)
  • Add a permalink to the archived web site (from archive.org), creating the archive link if necessary
  • Add your name underneath as Submitted by [<your_id>] at the bottom as a tiny header (six '#')

All other assets (images, etc.) should go in the theme directory, specifically the theme/img directory for images.

To build:

mkdocs build --clean

To test locally:

mkdocs serve

Once satisfied, check in all changes, including the screenshots in theme/imgs, changes in posts and all new files created in the site/ directory and then issue a pull request.

If you're not comfortable cloning, editing, pushing and issuing a pull request, feel free to open an issue for any suggestions!

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