Emoji/Unicode Icons Theme for Vim and NeoVim 🎨

Vim Emoji Icon Theme �

Version 0.17

🚧 Work in progress 🚧

This plugin is a extension from vim-webdevicons adding support for icons as emojis on Vim and Neovim.

NERDTree with this plugin using Ayu colorscheme:


Plugins Supported 🤗

Labels: - * Supported by vim-webdevicons - ** Partial support. Waiting #392 - *** Support by an automated process using CI pipeline whenever this plugin has an update

How to use 🤔

This plugin depends on vim-webdevicons. With this dependency satisfied the plugin should work out of box.

Also the editor will be using Emoji fonts (version 12), so one have to be configured. A have tested with iTerm (MacOS) and Kitty (GNU/Linux).

For skywind3000/asyncrun.vim you use the Emoji_Icon_Theme_Asyncrun() function to show on the statusline.

How to Add Support for Plugins 🔌

Icons for filetypes are supported by WebDevIconsGetFileTypeSymbol() function from the vim-webdevicons. So if the plugin use this function the support is already there.

For others configs, like specify symbols for plugins please open an issue request.

Installation 🧙


Add the following lines on the Vim/NeoVim config file:

Plug ''
Plug ''

Then open the editor and install with PlugInstall.


Add the following lines on the Vim/NeoVim config file:

call dein#add('ryanoasis/vim-webdevicons')
call dein#add('adelarsq/vim-devicons-emoji')

Then open the editor and install with call dein#install().

Motivations 💓

  • Support n plugins and filetypes without a patched font;
  • There is no need for a patched font;
  • It's beautifull.


  • [ ] Add more ways to install;

Bugs �

Vim and NeoVim have some bugs rendering emojis in some situations. So some emoji can't be used or need some tweeks.

For NeoVim blend shows emojis behind window or popup. See bug.

Acknowledgments 💡

Thanks goes to these people/projects for inspiration:

License 📜


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