An open source physically based renderer.

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MantaRay is an advanced open-source renderer. It uses modern rendering techniques to generate photorealistic images of complex scenes.

This ray-tracer is also featured in the following YouTube videos on my channel AngeTheGreat: - User Interface and Renderer Improvements - Fraunhofer Diffraction

Sample Renders and Features

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  • Procedural noise (blue backdrop and leather interior)
  • Transparency (window and headlight glass)
  • Custom shaders (car paint has a custom shader applied which varies color by viewing angle)
  • Normal mapping (floor and leather interior)
  • Support for high polygon scenes

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- Racing stripes generated via procedural shaders (not textures)

Alt text - Physically accurate depth of field via lens simulation - Textures loaded from files - Roughness mapping

Getting Started

To get started, consider reading this tutorial: Getting Started.

Tutorials are continually added here: Tutorials

Setup Instructions For Developers

This project was recently migrated to CMake and the setup instructions have changed. They will be updated here shortly.

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