Visualize Kubernetes Applications


What is it?

Konstellate is a UI to create edit and manage Kubernetes resources and their relationships. You can easily create complex YAML and export them as Helm charts or Kustomize templates

Try out the alpha build - Konstellate Demo

You can create resources from one of the templates using the editor, or import yaml that you already have.


Once you have a few resources created, you can simply drag a line between the two to connect them. Konstellate will look for any possible ways they can be connected and give you a drop down of the options.


Once your application is created you can clone it in a new workspace and make additional changes to it there. These changes will be reflected as variables in the helm chart or overlays kustomize templates as you export it.


Known Issues

  • Warn users if no connection types are available
  • Implement Export YAML
  • Implement Import Helm + Kustomize
  • Update Add/Remove buttons on editor

Future Roadmap

  • Auto populate required fields in resource templates
  • Add tree view into YAML spec
  • Packaging as electron/docker image + local file system sync
  • Tie Konstellate into running clusters + kubectl plugin
  • Enable GitOps flow



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