Lists a user's remote branches and shows if it was merged and/or available locally


Lists all of a user's branches, including local and remote, and shows:

  • if a remote branch is checked out locally
  • if a local branch is tracked remotely
  • if a local branch is up-to-date with a specified branch

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Unlike git branch -r and git remote show origin this shows only branches where YOU were the last committer and it will tell you if you have a copy of that branch locally.

Here's a screenshot:
Example output


  • Requires BASH 4+
  • Add the git-my file somewhere in your path, e.g. /usr/local/bin/

zplug installation

Super simple if you use zplug:

zplug "davidosomething/git-my",   as:command


From command line execute:

git my


Remote comparison branch

git my origin/qa

will give you a list of your remote branches and tell you which ones have been merged into origin/qa.

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Copyright (c) 2017 David O'Trakoun [email protected]

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