Drone is a Container-Native, Continuous Delivery Platform

Drone is a Continuous Delivery system built on container technology. Drone uses a simple YAML configuration file, a superset of docker-compose, to define and execute Pipelines inside Docker containers.

Sample Pipeline Configuration:

name: default

kind: pipeline
type: docker

- name: backend
  image: golang
    - go get
    - go build
    - go test

- name: frontend
  image: node:6
    - npm install
    - npm test

- name: publish
  image: plugins/docker
    repo: octocat/hello-world
    tags: [ 1, 1.1, latest ]
    registry: index.docker.io

- name: notify
  image: plugins/slack
    channel: developers
    username: drone

Documentation and Other Links:

Please note the official Docker images run the Drone Enterprise distribution. If you would like to run the Community Edition you can build from source by following the instructions in BUILDING_OSS.

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