Element Plus - A Vue.js 3.0 UI library

  • 💪 Vue 3.0 Composition API
  • 🔥 Written in TypeScript

Status: Beta

This project is still under heavy development. Feel free to join us and make your first pull request.

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Special thanks to the generous sponsorship by:


You can find for more details, API, and other docs on https://element-plus.org


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Bootstrap project

With command

$ yarn bootstrap

the project will install all dependencies and run lerna bootstrap to initialize the project

Website preview

With command

$ yarn website-dev

the project will launch website for you to preview all existing component

You can also use this command to start a blank page to debug

$ yarn website-dev:play
//source file: ./website/play/index.vue

Component migration process

  1. Convert the item in https://github.com/element-plus/element-plus/projects/1 to an issue
  2. Assign yourself to the issue
  3. Author your component by generating new component command below
  4. Migrate tests and docs
  5. Open a new pull request, fill in the component issue link in 1

Generate new component

With command

$ yarn gen component-name

Note the component-name must be in kebab-case, combining words by replacing each space with a dash.

Commit template

With command

yarn cz


# example feat(button):add type 'button' for form usage #1234

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