Double-click pronounce: improve your pronounciation for any language 🗣

Never doubt how to pronounce a word. Double-click it and your browser will read it out loud for you! (Works on Firefox and Chrome).

Some people use double click to select a word and to then expand the selection to other words, as it would be terrible for you to listen to any selection out loud, double click pronounce will only read out loud when you double-click a single word.


  • ✅ Works on Firefox
  • ✅ Works on Chrome
  • ✅ Language locale selection
  • ✅ Toggle on/off

Click here to see all locales supported:

  • "en-US"
  • "it-IT"
  • "sv-SE"
  • "fr-CA"
  • "de-DE"
  • "he-IL"
  • "id-ID"
  • "en-GB"
  • "es-AR"
  • "nl-BE"
  • "en-scotland"
  • "en-US"
  • "ro-RO"
  • "pt-PT"
  • "es-ES"
  • "es-MX"
  • "th-TH"
  • "en-AU"
  • "ja-JP"
  • "sk-SK"
  • "hi-IN"
  • "it-IT"
  • "pt-BR"
  • "ar-SA"
  • "hu-HU"
  • "zh-TW"
  • "el-GR"
  • "ru-RU"
  • "en-IE"
  • "es-ES"
  • "nb-NO"
  • "es-MX"
  • "en-IN"
  • "en-US"
  • "da-DK"
  • "fi-FI"
  • "zh-HK"
  • "en-ZA"
  • "fr-FR"
  • "zh-CN"
  • "en-IN"
  • "en-US"
  • "nl-NL"
  • "tr-TR"
  • "ko-KR"
  • "ru-RU"
  • "pl-PL"
  • "cs-CZ"


All throughout middle school and high school I was a pretty good english student, but ever since I started college I began to lose confidence over my pronounciation (as I didn't have english lessons or anyone to talk to in english). I find this really frustrating because 99.9% of my time online is me reading in english... So the goal of this extension is to practice my pronounciation english.

If you want to see the Show HN thread:



You can download the extension here.


I haven't done the application process for the chrome store yet, meanwhile: - Download the zip here - Uncompress it - Open chrome - Go to Settings > Extensions > Load unpacked - Enjoy!


Feel free to Contribute to this project!



The MIT License (MIT).

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