Unofficial Microsoft Teams Library


An unofficial wrapper for the unofficial Microsoft Teams API


This library (still work in progress) was created with the goal of helping the creation of alternative (and open source) Microsoft Teams clients. Currently, the library itself can only handle a couple of endpoints and is by far not ready yet.
My goal is to complete this library as soon as possible and start the creation of an alternative client based on it.


For now, you can only run the tests or use the library on your own. For this you'll need a couple of Microsoft Teams tokens.

Obtaining a token

Using teams-token one can obtain (and automatically save) the tokens necessary for this library to work.
Simply clone and yarn start that repository to get your Teams tokens stored into:


With these tokens, you'll be able to test out some features like the GetConversations test that retrieves a list of Teams your user is connected with.

Testing out

I have created a Microsoft Team org with the free version that you can join and test out / help debugging / improve this library with.

This would also be interesting because we can use it as a platform to discuss the API / CLI and it will help us implement more features related to multi-tenancy.

Join us now

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