Moved to https://gitea.com/xorm/dbweb


DBWeb is a web based database admin tool like phpmyadmin. It' written via xorm, tango, nodb.



UI Languages

Now support English and 简体中文.

Database Supports

  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • sqlite3 : build tag -sqlite3


go get github.com/go-xorm/dbweb
go install github.com/go-xorm/dbweb

Build via make

If you want to embbed the langs, public and templats to the binary, use the below command. You have to install make before this.

TAGS="bindata" make generate build

Notice: If you want to serve via HTTPS, you still put your *.pem files on the home directory.


./dbweb -home=$GOPATH/src/github.com/go-xorm/dbweb/
./dbweb -help

dbweb version 0.2

  -debug=false: enable debug mode
  -help=false: show help
  -https=false: enable https
  -home=./: set the home dir which contain templates,static,langs,certs
  -port=8989: listen port

Then visit http://localhost:8989/

The default user is admin and password is also admin. You can change it after you logged in.

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