About LeoCAD

LeoCAD is a CAD program for creating virtual LEGO models. It's available for free under the GNU Public License v2 and works on the Windows, Linux and macOS Operating Systems.


You can download the latest version of LeoCAD and its Parts Library from the main website at https://www.leocad.org

It's recommended that you install the latest drivers for your video card since LeoCAD uses OpenGL to take advantage of hardware acceleration for rendering.

  • LeoCAD for Windows:

Download the latest LeoCAD-Windows.exe to your computer, double click on the icon to launch the installer and follow the instructions.

  • LeoCAD for Linux:

Download the latest LeoCAD-Linux.AppImage, make the file executable (chmod +x) and run it.

If you prefer to compile LeoCAD yourself, go to the GitHub releases page at https://github.com/leozide/leocad/releases/latest and download the source archive from there. If you do not already have a Parts Library installed, you will need to download one and follow the installation instructions. More information on how to compile your own executable is available in the Documentation section of https://www.leocad.org

  • LeoCAD for macOS:

Download the latest LeoCAD-macOS.dmg to your computer, double click on the icon to open the archive, copy LeoCAD.app to your Applications folder and then launch it from there.

New users should read the online tutorial located at https://www.leocad.org/docs/tutorial1.html to learn how to use LeoCAD.

Online Resources

  • Website: https://www.leocad.org

  • GitHub page: https://github.com/leozide/leocad

  • Unstable builds: https://github.com/leozide/leocad/releases/tag/continuous

Legal Disclaimer

LEGO(R) is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this software.

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