🧠 Brainfuck IDE and interpreter in 512 bytes. (boot sector)


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Boot sector Brainfuck IDE and interpreter, fits in 512 bytes.

This project is optimized for the resulting binary size, not performance.

You can download prebuilt binaries here.

Running in QEMU

make && qemu-system-x86_64 bfloader.bin


After running, type in your Brainfuck program using your keyboard (use arrow keys and Home/End keys to move the cursor) and press F5 to execute it (or Ctrl + F5 to start step by step execution). The output will be shown in between the separator and the blue line.

To stop the execution or to reset after completed execution hold Ctrl + C. While debugging press F5 to continue the program from the current step until the end.

To reset the state (remove the code from memory) and start from scratch, press Ctrl + F12.


  • Program length is limited to 21 lines of 80 columns each (1680 characters).
  • Each cell is 1 byte long. (256 different values, wrapping).
  • Program memory space starts at 0xF000. It is possible to overwrite memory segments that shouldn't be overwritten.
  • Program's output is limited to 1 line of 80 columns (80 characters).
  • The editor isn't very advanced.

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