A small site for scheduling and managing payments for marching bass drum lessons


A small single page application for managing marching bass drum lessons.

The frontend is an Elm application that talks to Stripe Checkout over a port in order to procure a transaction token. It then fires it off an HTTP POST to the server (written in Haskell with servant), which then executes the charge against Stripe's api and dumps a trello card in a personal trello list if the charge was successful.

Build and Run

Assuming you have elm and stack installed, clone the repo and run stack setup to get the correct GHC.

The server requires the following environment variables to be set:

  • STRIPE_SECRET_KEY is your test or live stripe key.
  • TRELLO_DEVELOPER_PUBLIC_KEY and TRELLO_MEMBER_TOKEN are the key and token acquired from the usual Trello auth flow.
  • LESSONS_LIST_ID is the id of the Trello list you want your lesson cards deposited in.
  • LESSONS_ENV can be either TEST or PROD, it just decides which logger to use.
  • PORT is the desired port.

Use stack build to build the lessons server executable. stack exec lessons will get it running on the specified port. Pick a port other than 8000.

For now, you'll have to manually change your stripe publishable key and the url of the server in Main.elm. I'm currently looking for a better way to configure this. Use elm make ui/Main.elm --output ui/app.js to build the ui, and run elm reactor to start a dev server on localhost 8000. Use the reactor's interface to navigate into ui and open up index.html to view the app.

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