Sol is an app launcher, focused on ease of use and speed.

It is aimed to be a replacement for Alfred, Spotlight and Raycast without the need to configure or deal with cumbersome UIs. It's written on React Native which means it is easy to develop new functionality (uses Typescript), but also leverages full access to the native APIs.

If you want a feature you will have to build it yourself or consider sponsoring me to put some time to develop it for you.

Visit official site


Install via brew

brew install --cask sol

Or manually download the latest release.


  • App search
  • File search
  • Custom shortcuts
  • Google translate
  • Google maps
  • Calendar integration
  • OpenWeather API
  • AppleScript commands (sleep, lock, dark mode, etc.)
  • Custom links
  • Custom AppleScripts
  • Window Manager
  • Emoji picker
  • Gif Picker
  • Clipboard manager
  • Notes Scratchpad


  • Windows Support (Already partially implemented, looking for someone to take over)
  • Plugin System



MIT License

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