A simple Homebrew command that generates Lorem Ipsum HTML.

Loripsum – a simple Lorem Ipsum generator

This is a Homebrew command written in Ruby that generates Lorem Ipsum text using the Loripsum API and copies it to your clipboard.

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To install the command via Homebrew simply do:

$ brew tap raulpopadineti/loripsum && brew install loripsum


Open up a terminal and type:

$ loripsum

This will generate 4 paragraphs with a medium length and copy it to your clipboard.

To view additional options check the helper.

$ loripsum --help

Usage: loripsum [options]

Common options:
    -h, --help                       Prints this help.
        --version                    Show version.
    -v, --verbose                    Verbose mode. Prints the Lorem Ipsum output to the console.

Specific options:
    -c, --count COUNT                The number of paragraphs. Default: 4
    -l, --length LENGTH              The average length of a paragraph.
                                     Options: short, medium, long, verylong. Default: medium
    -t, --only-text                  Returns plain text, no HTML.
    -A, --only-caps                  Returns only uppercase letters.
    -P, --prude                      Prude version (eliminates any English offensive words)
    -a, --with-anchors               Include anchor tags.
    -b, --with-blockquote            Include blockquotes.
    -d, --with-description-list      Include description lists.
    -e, --with-emphasize             Include bold, italic, and marked text.
    -o, --with-ordered-list          Include ordered lists.
    -u, --with-unordered-list        Include unordered lists.
    -C, --with-code                  Include code samples.
    -H, --with-headers               Include header tags.


This command is using the Loripsum API. An initiative by Two Kings.


This command was inspired by Paweł Dąbrowski's Create command line application with Ruby available via Homebrew article.


This code is written under the MIT License.

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