Free, open source offline cross-platform budgeting solution built with Electron.


Take control of your budget, download it today. It is free - forever.



  • Completely offline - we are not saving any information of yours, it remains on your computer.
  • Simple - only contains what you need to budget.
  • Passphrase-protected - protect your data by providing a passphrase to encrypt your data (this is optional).
  • Export your transaction data to CSV format.
  • Limited* support to sync transactions with your bank. See here for more details.
  • Built with Electron - supported on Linux, MacOS and Windows.


You can download the application here. The application is still in beta, so please be aware there may be breaking changes until we have stabilized for the first major release.


Join us on slack if you have concerns or questions. For bugs, please go to github and submit an issue, thanks.


New users should check out our new user's guide! Have a question about how to use My Budget? All of it is available on the wiki.

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