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JS Cloudimage 360 View

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A simple, interactive resource that can be used to provide a virtual tour of your product.

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To see the Cloudimage 360 view plugin in action, please check out the Demo page.

Step 1: Installation

Add script tag with CDN link to js-cloudimage-360-view lib after all content in body tag

<script src=""></script>

You may also use major version number instead of fixed version to have the latest version available.

<script src=""></script>

Step 2: Initialize

After adding the js-cloudimage-360-view lib, simply initialize it with class name "cloudimage-360", server folder path, file name and amount of images:


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Type: String | Value: "cloudimage-360" | required

The selector for js-cloudimage-360-view lib.

data-folder (or folder)

Type: String(url) | required

Your images folder on server.

data-filename (or filename)

Type: String | Default: image-{index}.jpg | optional

The filename pattern for your 360 image. Must include {index}, which the library will replace with a number between 1 and data-amount.

data-amount (or amount)

Type: Number | Default: 36 | optional

Amount of images to load for 360 view.

data-keys (or keys)

Type: Bool | Default: false | optional

Support for 360 spin by pressing arrow keys on keyboard.

data-autoplay (or autoplay)

Type: Bool | Default: false | optional

Autoplay 360 spin view on load.

data-full-screen (or full-screen)

Type: Bool | Default: false | optional

Open 360 spin view in full screen modal.

data-magnifier (or magnifier)

Type: Number | Default: none | optional

Magnifier to zoom image.

data-ratio (or ratio)

Type: Number (height / width) | Default: none | optional

Prevents page from jumping.

data-autoplay-reverse (or autoplay-reverse)

Type: Bool | Default: false | optional

Autoplay 360 spin view on load.

data-speed (or speed)

Type: Number | Default: 150 | optional

Speed of changing frames for autoplay in milliseconds.

data-drag-speed (or drag-speed)

Type: Number | Default: 150 | optional

Speed Factor of changing frames on drag event.

data-spin-reverse (or spin-reverse)

Type: Bool | Default: false | optional

Spin direction, by default it uses counterclockwise (image indexes from 1 to data-amount).

data-box-shadow (or box-shadow)

Type: String (e.g. data-box-shadow="inset 0 0 100px #222") | Default: none | optional

Apply box shadow for container.

data-bottom-circle (or bottom-circle)

Type: Bool | Default: false | optional

Display 360 view line at the bottom of container.

data-bottom-circle-offset (or bottom-circle-offset)

Type: Number | Default: 5 | optional

Bottom offset for 360 view line.

data-lazyload (or lazyload)

Type: Bool | Default: false | optional

Only 360 view images close to the client's viewport will be loaded, hence accelerating the page loading time. If set to true, an additional script must be included, see Lazy loading

data-lazyload-selector (or lazyload-selector)

Type: String | Default: lazyload | optional

Helper class to apply lazy-loading depending on library you choose, see Lazy loading

Cloudimage Responsive Integration

See how it works (article on Medium)


To use the Cloudimage Responsive plugin, you will need a Cloudimage token to deliver your images over CDN. Don't worry, it only takes seconds to get one by registering here. Once your token is created, you can configure it as described below. This token allows you to use 25GB of image cache and 25GB of worldwide CDN traffic per month for free.

data-responsive (or responsive)

Type: String (Cloudimage token) | Default: none | required for cloudimage responsive plugin

Enables cloudimage responsive plugin for 360 view.

data-filters (or filters)

Type: String | Default: q35 | optional

Applies default Cloudimage filters to your image, e.g. fcontrast, fpixelate, fgaussian, backtransparent, rotation... Multiple filters can be applied, separated by "." (dot).

Full documentation here.

Lazy Loading

Lazy loading is not included into js-cloudimage-360-view by default. There are well thought libraries to achieve that. If you enable lazy loading in the configuration, you need to add an additional library like lazysizes, yall.js (Yet Another Lazy Loader), lozad.js to handle it.

Implementation example with lazysizes

Implementation example with yall.js

Implementation example with lozad.js

to save API calls you man want to use one of our cdn bundles:

CDN link to js-cloudimage-360-view 1.1.0 + lazysizes 4.1.7

<script src=""></script>

CDN link to js-cloudimage-360-view 1.1.0 + yall.js 3.1.1

<script src=""></script>

CDN link to js-cloudimage-360-view 1.1.0 + lozad.js 1.9.0

<script src=""></script>

Best practices

  • In order to use cloudimage responsive with 360 view, your original (master) images should be stored on a server or storage bucket (S3, Google Cloud, Azure Blob...) reachable over HTTP or HTTPS by Cloudimage. If you want to upload your master images to Cloudimage, contact us at [email protected].

Browser support

Tested in all modern browsers and IE 11, 10, 9.

Filerobot UI Familiy


All contributions are super welcome!


JS Cloudimage 360 View is provided under the MIT License

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