Dub – an open-source link shortener SaaS with built-in analytics + free custom domains.


An open-source link shortener SaaS with built-in analytics + free custom domains.

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Dub is an open-source link shortener with built-in analytics + free custom domains. Built with Vercel Edge Functions and Upstash Redis.

Here are some of the features that Dub provides out-of-the-box:

Built-in Analytics

Dub provides a powerful analytics dashboard for your links, including geolocation, device, and browser information.

Analytics Dashboard

Custom domains

You can easily configure custom domains on Dub – just add an A/CNAME record to your DNS provider and you're good to go. This is built on the Vercel Domains API.

Analytics Dashboard

Deploy Your Own

You can deploy your own hosted version of Dub for greater privacy & control. Just click the link below to deploy a ready-to-go version of Dub to Vercel.

Deploy with Vercel

Tech Stack


Dub is built as a standard Next.js application with Middleware to handle multi-tenancy, inspired by the Vercel Platforms Starter Kit.

Redis is used as the database for storing links and analytics data, which works well for key-value data types. Redis also has the Sorted Set data type, which is perfect for storing & retrieving time-series analytics data. Here's the full schema:

  • {hostname}:links – hashmap of all links for a given hostname (e.g. dub.sh:links)
  • {hostname}:links:timestamps – sorted set of all link timestamps for a given hostname (e.g. dub.sh:links:timestamps)
  • {hostname}:clicks:{linkId} – sorted set of all clicks for a given link (e.g. dub.sh:clicks:github)
  • {hostname}:root:clicks – sorted set of all root link clicks for a given hostname (e.g. dub.sh:root:clicks)


  • Open an issue if you believe you've encountered a bug.
  • Make a pull request to add new features/make quality-of-life improvements/fix bugs.



Inspired by Plausible, Dub is open-source under the GNU Affero General Public License Version 3 (AGPLv3) or any later version. You can find it here.

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