Tolgee Localization Platform

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  • All in One localization solution for your App 🙌
  • Localization management platform ğŸ�ˆ
  • Manage screenshots 📷
  • Comment on translations 💬
  • Tag keys ğŸ�·ï¸�
  • Out of box in-context localization for web ğŸ�‰
  • Automated screenshot generation for web 📷
  • Open-source 🔥

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For more detailed documentation about Tolgee, visit

Running with docker

To run Tolgee Server with docker

docker run -v tolgee_data:/data/ -p 8085:8080 tolgee/tolgee

Now you should be able to access Tolgee web application on http://localhost:8085

To learn more about deploying Tolgee server, visit this documentation page.


For more information about configuration, visit docs.

Quick integration guides

  1. Go to your project
  2. Select integrate from side menu
  3. Follow the guide!


Let us know what you think! #feedbackwanted ��

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