Sync clipboard across macOS/Linux/Windows on LAN


Sync clipboard across macOS/Linux/Windows on LAN.

Written in Node.js, with native UI powered by the Yue library.

How to use

  • Download the software from Releases page.
  • You will be asked to fill some information on first run, you should at least change "channel" and "key" to unique strings.
  • Repeat on your other computers, and make sure the port/channel/key are same.


  • Only plain text are synchronized, there is currently no plan to implement file copy/paste.
  • The network part is implemented by broadcasting UDP messages on LAN, so large text in clipboard could fail to be sent. There is plan to rewrite the network code with a proper P2P library to support sending large text.


I do not plan to spend too much time maintaining this project, so if you want to add a major new feature, I would suggest forking this project instead of sending a pull request, and I would be very happy to add a link to your fork here.

Bug reports and fixes would still be very much appreciated.


The application's icon is designed by BomSymbols.

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